Monday, April 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions & Some REALLY big news.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, this is not a follow-up to any actual New Year's resolutions. In fact, I welcomed in this New Year by being asleep before 10.... I'm old and married now--it's totally allowed.

In fact, I am one year older as of today! I have lived out 23 years and am officially starting the 24th year of my life today. Which means I have some looking at my life to do and reorganizing things I dislike and improving things that are kind of there but need some working on! I hope y'all (as in mom, since you are probably one of the only people to read this) will help keep me accountable!

First things first, our big announcement. If I asked for guesses I can guarantee you would each say I'm pregnant BUUUUTTTT I'm not. Sorry to disappoint! We will be moving in July (if all goes according to plan!) to....


Wait, what? Yeah, you read that right. No April Foolin' here. I'm actually quite excited. I mean... look at this place!

The Oil field is booming so much! Those lights you see? All from the oil field at night!

Alright, so it's not most people's paradise, but I'll be there with my best friend and sexiest man I know and we'll be having a wonderful adventure!

Which means that most of my goals will be centered around this move. Currently we live in a BEAUTIFUL wonderful community. We teach a primary class (5&6 year olds) in our ward and the love that they have shown us has been truly inspiring and we feel beyond blessed. This community has welcomed us, trusted us with their children, and have been exactly the type of people that we want to be. Finally getting around to the actual goal: To be involved in our new community--get to know new people and embrace where we are.

I've decided right now to approach this move just like this man. The look of joy as he looks at his livelihood. The implications this move will have on our family are beyond comprehension. 

Another amazing thing about moving to North Dakota? This girl.

Graduation day 2008! This is the most updated
(and most flattering; think middle school dances of the others...)
picture of us.
I've known this wonderful woman since we were 9! And now, we are both grown up, have long hair,  married AND living (or will be living) in the same town in North Dakota. It's a LOOONNNNGGG way to come from a small middle of nowhere town in Oregon to a small middle of nowhere town in North Dakota but we couldn't be happier. On my list of resolutions: An updated photo with her and LOTS of girly time. Love you, Ibeth!

I was going to add a lot more goals but then I found the next picture and just stopped right there. Life is amazing. And naturally (just like every year) this one will be the best yet.