Sunday, October 28, 2012

Super Saturday (on a Sunday...)

Yesterday was "Super Saturday" and I went and made an adorable nativity set! Unfortunately with all my other running arounds I forgot to take pictures of it for this post! I will however gladly share why else my Saturday was "Super"!

First, my loving Cowboy did the dishes! AND finished tiling the bathroom! Soon enough we will not have to have our bed where our kitchen table should be. Fingers crossed that by next week I will be decorating an actual bedroom! As I showed in my last post, we have a gorgeous view from our back porch and in that little field there are actually 2 ponies and a horse and one of the little ponies realllly likes us. Her name is either Alice or Lucy..I'm not sure which. Anyway, to start of my Saturday, I went and spent a little time feeding her an apple and taking pictures. And she only gently bit me once...on the knee...I guess I was too focused on pictures and not enough on feeding her.

I hope you enjoyed your super Saturday! Pictures of my crafts to come! For now I have three 20 gallon bags of fabric that are waiting for me to go through them sitting on my living room floor. 

Could I be any happier??

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Haggards Lovely Home

Currently we are renting a little home. It's darling. And I'd like to share some pictures because I love it so much. And you should too...

Yep. That's the view from my back porch. Gorgeous, right??

And a little glimpse inside with my decorating skills. (Just pretend they are awesome even if you don't think so. I need a confidence boost every once in a while.) And I changed my mind and am just showing you all the things I made myself! Because that's what I do now.

I love fall decorations! And I made this cute little thing!

I was looking everywhere for a shelf for some of my books and found this at a thrift store. Only it was an ugly color so I repainted it!

See that darling red thing? I redid that and we used it in our wedding and now it has the perfect place next to my kitchen!

And both of these are windows I redid and put our engagements and bridals in! They found the  perfect spot on my walls. 
It's a shame my camera isn't the best. Lastly, I love my family! Emma got baptized a week and a half ago and my parents came to visit! 


Why yes, that is my brother's foot wearing one of my fancy socks my mom got me!  (they match hers!)
And this darling little girl had chicken pox! Poor baby.

I love my life.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"He's Not Slowing Down"

Yesterday, my lovely husband and I (who from now on I'm referring to as "Cowboy." More on that later) watched The Avengers last night. And Cowboy thought that Thor's accent while saying, "He's not slowing down!" was hilarious and keeps repeating it. I have to admit it makes me laugh when he does it. And swoon when Chris Hemsworth does it. 

I mean...HELLO. Look at this man! He's gorgeous. (Of course so is my husband!!)

And our life isn't slowing down either! We have been so busy. Cowboy has been out hunting and working and I've been...well I've been dealing with a nasty case of bronchitis for the past couple of weeks so I have been a bit absent. So rather than what happened in MY life (coughing. A lot) I'll tell you a little about my sweet husband. He's a darling cowboy. He really is. Thus the nickname. His real name is Riker. (Ok, so I didn't plan on actually sharing that with the whole world but...he's just too cute not to share.)

SEE! He's so gorgeous! Mmmm I just love him. Look at those arms! And his eyes! and lips and and ok. I'll stop.

Maybe now you understand my love obsession? I'll take this Cowboy over Thor any day. Although throughout the whole movie Cowboy wanted every "toy" that any of the super heroes had. Looks like I may be getting my own Thor if I can find him a cool hammer....

Anyway, back to how wonderful he is. He has been working non-stop as well as coming home and making dinner and helping me pick up the house a little. I'm feeling a lot better now but every time I saw his cute tush making dinner I just fell in love all over again. And considering that today we have have been married for ONE WHOLE MONTH, I wanted to say how much I love him and how wonderful he is. He is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, smartest, most honest and true man I have ever met. Oh, and did I mention that his cute tush makes me swoon? Because seriously....

I'm loving the wifely life.

Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Be A Good Wife.

So you may be asking if I am qualified to even be giving out such advice as to how to be a wife let alone a GOOD wife. Well, I'm not. I can, however, give you some advice in my 3 weeks of being married of what NOT to do.

1. Don't be a blanket hog. Apparently you are no longer the only person in your bed who gets cold at night.

2. Don't be a bed hog. Once again, you are not the only one in your bed. No matter how small that bed is.

3. Warn your new husband that you may twitch, sleep talk, sleep walk, and sleep sing. If he isn't aware of this it may cause some great alarm on your honeymoon night. And every night after until he gets used to it. If you are thinking ahead you may have him sign something that says he understands you are not responsible for actions that occur between certain sleeping hours.

4. If you burn something for dinner, don't try to do it again that same night. Odds are you will burn it a second time. (ie french bread)

5. Don't tell your husband he has a blackhead and you can just get it real quick. It's probably a freckle.

6. DO vacuum. However, don't think that you can just get reallllly close to his phone charger and it will be fine. You will probably suck it up into the vacuum. IF this does happen and your vacuum has an automatic shut off feature, don't try to turn it off because this may result in simply turning the vacuum back on and the iPhone charger to be shred (seriously) into little pieces. And just pick up the resulting pieces, don't try to vacuum them up once you fix the vacuum.

7. Remember how much you love your husband and that you vacuumed his phone charger up when he accidentally breaks your antique plate.

Go ahead, grab that tush. It's yours now!

So in love.