Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm Back

It has officially been an entire year since I last posted on our blog. And let me tell you a LOT has happened! I can't guarantee that I will be any better at posting this time around but I will try! With all the big changes happening in the Haggard household I figure this is the best way to keep family and friends updated.

Quick updates list style since our last post:


  • quit his old job in the oil field
  • started a new job in the oil field (was laid off when he did the next bullet)
  • joined the Army as an 11 Bravo (Infantryman) 
  • packed up everything in a short 4 weeks before heading for Basic/AIT (OSUT)/spent time with family
  • completed OSUT at Ft. Benning, GA
  • completed Airborne School (Jump School) also at Ft. Benning, GA
  • is currently residing in Ft. Benning, GA waiting to start some more training
  • missing wife and baby like crazy


  • quit her old job at the hospital
  • started a new job at the hospital
  • had surgery
  • got pregnant! 
  • packed everything up in the short 4 weeks before Riker's report date/spent time with family
  • moved herself back to Oregon after dropping Riker off for OSUT
  • currently residing in Oregon with her parents and younger brother
  • busy growing baby girl in her tummy and loving being pregnant!
  • went camping at 8 months pregnant and set up and took down her own tent
  • busy making baby quilts, headbands, and burp cloths
  • missing husband like crazy


  • 34 weeks along
  • loves to kick and squirm
  • especially on mommy's right side up near her ribs
  • makes sleeping difficult
  • doesn't like the paparazzi and hides her face at every ultrasound so still no good profile pictures!
  • doesn't think mommy's uterus has enough room so she likes to really push herself as hard as she can against mommy to make more room (it doesn't accomplish anything except making mommy squirm) 
  • is working on being the most loved little girl ever.
  • met Santa Claus for the first time ever yesterday! (he was driving through Lakeview so we got a picture)


5 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant 

Top of the baby quilt (before the quilting)
Baby quilt top (after the quilting)

Back of the baby quilt

The best profile face shot we could manage

Riker's wings

The day we found out baby Haggard was a girl!

Santa and Mrs. Claus came to Lakeview!

Riker hanging out in Georgia