Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Good Night's Rest

It's amazing what a good night's rest can do for you.

A good night's rest will make you smile;
will make you feel as though you could run a mile!
After sleeping well, I want to jump for joy!
This poem is lame, oh boy!

I'm not on my rhyming A-game but I did sleep well last night! Hooray! 


  1. Chelsea, remember when you wrote me a poem on my facebook wall?!? And apparently you did it in like 5 minutes and it was GOOD. HAHA! You have a gift :)

  2. HAHA! Just found it :) here you go:

    Man alive I miss your guts. I am going to write you a poem. An angstful poem. To show my grief.

    Maren Elizabeth Sargent. by Chelsea Elizabeth Eversole

    I once had a roommate her name was Maren.
    All the time she would be caught at hot boys a starin'
    I miss the way she loved nutella
    And how sometimes I would call her Ella.
    I remember how laughing we tried new ways
    And the Presidential election Craze.
    There were hundreds of nights of boys are dumb rants
    and more than a couple of nights without pants.
    I will always be grateful for the time she ran outside
    Simply to make sure no one could see my back side.
    She will always be the first ever of my roommates
    and forever one of my best mates.
    There are way to many memories to share
    And I will always be here to love and Care!

    hahahahaha. Oh shoot. It's been a long night and I just wrote that in about 5 minutes. Man oh man. I miss you.

    1. hahahahaha oh WOW, what a talent! Gosh I miss and love you!!!